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Our Culture of Innovation and Commitment

Twin Power USA is a full-service consulting engineering firm serving public and private sector clients across the United States and around the world. Our practice is founded on and our members driven by our core values: integrity, empowerment, and internal client. We believe that, by fostering a firm-wide culture of service and commitment to the needs and successes of one another, we ensure that our relationships with clients are informed by the same culture and values. We are collaborative, innovative, and client-focused, creating effective, efficient, and adaptable solutions, building enduring partnerships, and delivering life-cycle engineering services.

Our Core Values

Conveying honesty, reliability and trust in all aspects of our relationships.

Giving all individuals the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.

Maintaining an unwavering level of commitment and service to each other enables us to do the same for our clients. Throughout the disciplines of engineering, architecture and construction, Twin Power is recognized—by both our clients and our peers—for the innovative approach we bring to every assignment. Simply put: we care and will work vigorously to see your project fully realized. We are also known for our outstanding ability to translate engineering concepts into total, practical and technically superior solutions, designed to serve not only the project but also the occupants and the surrounding community.

How We Provide Our Services

In order to deliver the highest standards of service and quality, our practice is organized by market sector, with each group consisting of experts from each of the engineering disciplines who share a deep knowledge of and extensive experience with the unique client needs and business drivers of that industry.