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Twin Power USA Corp Electrical Services


Today’s facilities require more complex integration of the MEP systems and a higher level of communication, reliability and redundancy than in past years. Overall, the systems must help save energy, be easily maintained, and meet the basic design intent for the completed capital project, infrastructure upgrade or renovated space.

Twin Power USA Commissioning Group has developed an unparalleled track record in commissioning for new buildings, re-commissioning or retro-commissioning for existing buildings, and acceptance verification for any size project. Our expertise includes mission-critical systems, central plants, corporate centers, financial operations, education, healthcare, and science/technology facilities. Our ability to work as a team to diagnose a situation and bring corrective measures forward has fostered our reputation as “The one stop solution”.


Data, telecommunications, call centers, co-location sites, internet communications facilities, disaster recovery sites and enterprise control centers are all among a growing range of 24×7 facilities that play a critical role in sustaining today’s global economy. They must be unfailingly reliable, yet also flexible and adaptable as businesses, regulatory requirements and advanced technology force rapid change. Twin Power USA brings extensive hands-on expertise in designing, analyzing, testing and maintaining systems that combine high-density utilization with the highest level of reliability. Our skills encompass the coordination of utilities as well as the development of specific systems for electrical distribution and emergency power, Fire suppression systems, area management and conduit, telecom and fuel system management. Our impressive portfolio includes data centers, chiller plants, healthcare, life sciences, corporate, education, media and entertainment facilities.

To ensure that the equipment and systems are operated properly, Twin Power USA provides special presentations and intensive training for clients’ operating, commissioning and risk-assessment personnel.

Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems (BMS) are constantly changing and converging with security, fire alarm and other low voltage building systems. Twin Power USA has recognized the need for in-house expertise in controls engineering to provide our clients with the best possible service. To meet this need, Twin Power USA has developed a group of mechanical, electrical and computer engineers, many of whom are licensed professional engineers and LEED accredited professionals, and all of whom bring past experience working for Building Management System (BMS) vendors/contractors.

Our Controls Engineers are skilled in hands-on technical trouble-shooting, controls engineering design, software programming, graphics generation, project management, and sales. We have an in-depth understanding of the hardware and software of the actual manufacturers’ systems and how they are applied.

As consultants, we assist our mechanical engineers with control specifications and design concepts as well as instrumentation and control diagrams. For the retrofit market, we upgrade and provide enhancements to existing systems, acting either as consulting engineers or as a construction manager’s owner’s representative. We help to eliminate any gray areas in the contract documents and provide as much detail as necessary to ensure that owners are getting what is expected and are not locked in to any particular vendor.

Electrical Engineering

  • Complete building power distribution
  • Medium and high voltage building service design
  • Emergency power and standby power generation plants
  • Special grounding systems
  • Un-interruptible power supply systems
  • Clean power systems

Fire/Life Safety Engineering

  • Code compliance analysis
  • Fire and smoke detection and alarm systems
  • Building fire pump, standpipe and sprinkler systems
  • Emergency communications
  • Specialty extinguishing systems
  • Gas suppression systems
  • Smoke evacuation and control analysis and design