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General (5 year)

By January 1, 2020, Twin Power USA will generate a minimum of $5 million in revenue. Actual operational costs will never exceed 65% of revenue. Twin Power USA will have 5 locations in the southern California Region, with each location generating approximately $1 million in sales. By this date, Twin Power USA will operate on a cash basis with no outstanding loans or debts.

Sales and Marketing

Revenue will come primarily from annual service contracts for industries valued over $500,000. Other revenue will come from service contracts for smaller businesses. We will build strong relationships with business owners associations. Twin Power USA will become the new standard for excellence in the controls and power industry. Services will come mostly through word of mouth because of our exceptional quality and service. Twin Power USA will avoid pressure-based sales, focusing more on actual testimonials from satisfied clients who have had worked with us for years. Our marketing materials will be simple, professional, and feature the signature service line of Twin Power USA.


Twin Power USA employees will show a unique maturity and professionalism. While our employees will come from diverse backgrounds, ages, and education, they will have grown as people because of their experience working with Twin Power USA. Our managers will truly be leaders, helping employees to grow and holding them accountable for results through regular meetings. Employees will love to work here because they will feel like family. They will have the freedom to shine through encouraging systems, training, backup, and support of Twin Power USA leadership.


We will be organized and systematized, with all employees keeping appointments and schedules up to date and on calendar. We will always arrive on time. We will have very specific, well-implemented systems that employees can use. Service trucks will always be clean inside and out, with all equipment and materials in their place and ready for action. Our offices of operation will be clean and orderly, yet friendly and inviting. Customers and visitors will always be greeted warmly by knowledgeable and professional staff.

Final Word

Above all, Twin Power USA will exemplify our values of Honesty, Service, Thoroughness, and Speed in every aspect of our company. We will take pride in our job and always put our customers first.